Hello! I’m Adolfo Garcia. Business management Student from London, United Kingdom. 

Motivated and detail-oriented graduate with a deep passion for the Business Industry. Proficient in statistical analysis budgeting, forecasting, and data collection, I am driven to excel in supporting operations through robust modeling, enabling strategic decision-making, and driving company revenue. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I prioritize building strong relationships with clients and team members, fostering a collaborative environment. With a proven ability to manage multiple large-scale projects in fast-paced settings, I am quick to adapt to emerging technologies. Actively seeking finance-related opportunities to fuel both professional and personal growth.

  • Age 25
  • Residence United Kingdom
  • Freelance Available
  • E-mail
Jul 2023 - Aug 2023
Investment Banking Virtual Internship- J.P. Morgan Chase
  • Collaborating remotely with a team of professionals in J.P Morgan's Investment banking division.
  • Assisted in conducting financial analysis, market research, and due diligence for potential investment opportunities.
  • Contributed to the preparation of client presentations and pitch materials.
  • Participated in virtual meetings and networking events with senior professionals in the organization.
  • Gained valuable insights into the operations and strategies of a leading global financial institution.
  • Creation of DCF model 
Jul 2022 - Apr 2023
Recruitment Manager - ACP Recruitment
  • Managed end-to-end recruitment process, from sourcing to placement, for a young
    talent career advisory and campus recruitment firm specialising in accounting,
    finance, data sales, marketing, digital and social media marketing, and hospitality.  
  • Conducted effective screening processes to evaluate candidates within
    technology, financial services, professional services, and luxury industries.  
  • Conducted effective screening processes to evaluate candidates within
    technology, financial services, professional services, and luxury industries.  
  • Managed and educated IT and Recruitment teams, overseeing tools management, website, and HR efficiencies, and coordinating new hire orientations and training
2020 - 2021
Sales/Marketing - Solapoly NFT, London

Collaborate with creative and development teams for the execution of ideas in the area of Sales and Marketing.

Jul 2018 - Dec 2018
Web Developer - Logos , Spain
  • Developed creativity through advertising and designing user-friendly websites.  
  • Established an interactive and dynamic website that guaranteed high traffic,
    increasing the company's sales revenue.
  •  Utilized HTML5 for coding and web design, as well as SQL database management. 
  •  Experience using apps such as Joomla, Prestashop, WordPress, PHPMyAdmin, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Sublime Text.
2020 - 2023
Greenwich University - London

 2:1 Bachelor's Degree in Business Management  


2020 - 2021
Crypto and Forex Trading - London

Crypto Forex Advance, Leverage trading, Technical, Fundamental Analysis, Portfolio management, NFT, Metaverse, Defi.

Web Design - London

Converted Photoshop layouts to web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2014 - 2017
UNEG University - Venezuela

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering 

Anti-Money Laundering(AML) Course

 AML policies, AML KYC & AML Compliance,

Apr 2023
Excel For Business Analyst
Aug 2023
Equity Trading Fudamentals (CFI X AmplifyME)

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Aug 2023
Finance accelerator Simulation experience



Web Development

Modern and mobile-ready website that will help you reach all of your marketing.

Portfolio Management

High experience in planning and diversifying crypto and stocks market portfolios with strong emotional control, competitive spirit, decisive, analytical ability, tenacity, humility, anticipation, communication and  innovation.



Advertising include mail, and web apps.

Business Development

Sales, Communication, Negotiation, Marketing, Business intelligence, Analysing ROI data , Project management.

Business research

Report writing, Data collection, Analysis of information from different sources, Finding information off the internet, Critical thinking , Planning and scheduling , Interviewing, Critical analysis.

Investment Analyst
  • Good numeracy and IT skills, including spreadsheets.
  • Verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Analytical ability to pick out the relevant information from a large amount of detail.
  • Good written communication skills for producing clear, concise reports.
  • An enquiring mind and research skills.


  • Web Design
  • Negotiation skills
  • AML Policies, KYC and AML Compliance
  • Business Analyst
  • Numerical and Analytical skills
  • Strong communication, networking and interpersonal skills

Languages Skills

  • English
  • Spanish


  • Website hosting
  • iOS and android apps
  • Modern and mobile-ready
  • Advertising services include
  • Search engine marketing
  • Investment Management
  • Adaptabilty and Flexibility
  • Risk Management
  • Fluent in Spanish (Native)
  • Social Media Marketing skills
  • Customer service skills